It is quite difficult to invest in the crypto world without crypto exchanges. Choosing an exchange among the many crypto exchanges can sometimes be challenging. However, MEXC Exchange is among the most preferred exchanges when choosing an exchange.

Since the MEXC Exchange is in high demand on the basis of investors and users, users who are new to the crypto money markets naturally want to satisfy their curiosity by asking questions such as what is the MEXC crypto exchange, how to use the MEXC stock market, how to deposit money in the MEXC Exchange.

In this content, we will try to explain the MEXC Exchange from A to Z in the most detailed way and give information about its use.

What is MEXC Exchange?

MEXC Exchange; It is a Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2018.

Serving since 2018, MEXC Exchange is one of the top 50 exchanges in the world in terms of trading volume. The MEXC Exchange, which has managed to attract serious users and investors in a short time, continues to rise with each passing day.

Of course, the advantages it offers are among the reasons why the MEXC exchange attracts so many investors and users. If we talk about these advantages, we can summarize as follows:

  • Offering the opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with low transaction fees and commissions,
  • Pre-sale opportunity for cryptocurrencies and tokens that will be newly listed on the stock market,
  • Being one of the first to list many cryptocurrencies and exchanges that are still very new in the crypto market,
  • Having a license in many countries and having license applications,
  • Among the advantages of MEXC Exchange, it offers services such as margin trading, etf, DeFi, staking, as well as spot trade transactions

How to Use MEXC Exchange?

In order to use the MEXC Exchange, naturally, you must first have a MEXC Exchange account.

The most curious issues of investors and users about MEXC Exchange are how to deposit money to MEXC exchange, how to send money to MEXC exchange, how to withdraw money from MEXC exchange.

Now, let’s share our information about the use of the MEXC Exchange under headings.

How to Create an Account on MEXC Exchange?

MEXC Exchange and Detailed User Guide

If you are wondering how to become a member of the MEXC exchange or, in other words, how to open an account on the MEXC exchange, you can quickly create your account by following these steps.

  1. Click here to go to the MEXC Exchange account creation page.
  2. On the page that opens, you will have two options as Mail Registration and Phone Registration, whichever is convenient for you, choose it from the top tab.
  3. Fill in the requested information completely.
  4. On the registration page you will see a Send Code button. After clicking this button, a code will be sent to your phone if you registered by phone, or to your e-mail address if you registered via e-mail. Enter this code in the box next to the button.
  5. After entering all the information and verification code, tick the box on the left to accept the User Agreement and Privacy Policy text below.
  6. Click the Sign Up button at the bottom of the page..

Your MEXC membership and MEXC Exchange account have been created. Now all you have to do is log into your account and continue reading our content.

How to Verify MEXC Account?

MEXC Exchange and Detailed User Guide

MEXC account verification is as easy as opening an account. You can follow these steps for this.

  1. Login to your MEXC account and click on the user icon in the upper right and the Uncertified link in the submenu or go to
  2. Enter the information requested from you in the form on the page that opens.
  3. After entering the information, you will be asked to upload 3 photos.
  4. Take the front side of your ID on the first photo and the back side of your ID on the second photo.
  5. On the third photo, you have your ID on one hand and on the other hand;
    • on the first line,
    • First and last name in the second line,
    • Your phone number with country code on the third line,
    • Your account ID number on the fourth line,
    • Take and upload your photo holding a piece of paper with the date of the day on the last line.
  6. After uploading photos, click the Submit button at the bottom. .

After all these processes, your account will be approved in a short time

How to Buy and Sell on the MEXC Exchange?

It is quite easy to buy cryptocurrencies or tokens on the MEXC Exchange. After depositing money in your account, go to the Exchange (Markets) section, select the spot section and find the cryptocurrency or token you want to buy and buy it.

Selling cryptocurrencies or tokens on the MEXC exchange is like buying, except that you place a sell order instead of a buy order.

There are Standard Version and Pro Version sections in the market section of the MEXC exchange. If you are an expert, you can act on the Pro version, if not, on the Standard version.

How to Deposit on MEXC Exchange?

MEXC Exchange and Detailed User Guide

You have only one option for depositing on the MEXC exchange. This is to take any cryptocurrency from a national cryptocurrency exchange or another exchange account that already has funds and transfer it to the MEXC exchange. You can follow these steps to deposit money into MEXC account:

  1. Log in to your account on the MEXC Exchange and click Assets at the top left of the page and then My Assets in the submenu that opens.
  2. On the page that appears, go to the Deposit tab.
  3. At the first launch you will see the USDT (Tether) cryptocurrency at the top. Click on this section and select the cryptocurrency you want to transfer.
  4. Network protocols will appear below according to the currency you selected. If you are not an expert, you can not touch this part, as the network of the crypto money you choose will already be selected automatically.
  5. After your selections, click the Get Address button. Then copy the wallet code generated for you.
  6. Go to the exchange account to which you will transfer the money, find the crypto money you want to transfer and click the Withdraw button. Then, enter the wallet code you copied into the transfer address section and the amount you want to transfer, and start the transfer process by making the necessary verifications.

Your money will be deposited into your account shortly after all these transactions, and therefore your MEXC Exchange deposit will be completed and you will receive the answer to the question of how to send money to the MEXC exchange practically.

How to Withdraw Money from MEXC Exchange?

Withdrawing money from the MEXC Exchange is almost the same as depositing from the MEXC Exchange, with only a few steps changing. For MEXC withdrawal, you need another exchange account as in deposit, and you need to choose a Turkish crypto currency exchange to withdraw to your bank account. To withdraw money from MEXC account, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the exchange account you want to withdraw money from, select the cryptocurrency to transfer and click the Deposit link to get the wallet code.
  2. Go to your MEXC account and again click Assets and then My Assets.
  3. On the page that opens, first click the Withdraw link and then select the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw.
  4. Paste the address you copied into the Withdraw Address section, enter the amount you want to withdraw into the Withdraw Amount section, and then click the Submit button. There is also a field where you can define a Name (Remarks) to the address, but it is not a mandatory field.
  5. Finally, start the transfer process by entering the verification code sent to your e-mail and phone.

Your money will be sent to your account shortly after all these transactions. Therefore, you will have learned the MEXC withdrawal process and the answer to the question of how to withdraw money from the MEXC exchange.

You can also do all these operations by downloading the MEXC application to your iOS or Android phone. The only difference will be the appearance, and after paying attention to the titles and details you need to pay attention to, you should have no problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About MEXC Exchange

In this section, we will share the answers to the most frequently asked questions and the most frequently asked questions about the MEXC exchange. This area will be updated regularly in line with your questions and requests.

What is MXC Exchange?

MXC Exchange is the name of MEXC Exchange before it changed its name. The exchange, which used the name MXC before, later changed its name and updated it to MEXC. Therefore, all terms related to the MXC Exchange are now used as the MEXC Exchange.

What is MEXC Address Name?

When making withdrawals from a MEXC account, you may be asked to give a name to the address you will withdraw funds from. This field is not required, but if you are going to use it constantly, you can save it by giving it a name.

Which Country Does MEXC Exchange Own?

The MEXC cryptocurrency exchange is known as the Chinese exchange, but is headquartered in the East African island of Seychelles. However, we cannot say for sure that MEXC Exchange is the stock market of this country. However, we can answer the question of where is the MEXC Exchange.

How Can I See the Coins to be Listed on the MEXC Exchange?

Click here to see the coins, cryptocurrencies and tokens that will be listed on the MEXC Exchange. By following the coins that will be released or listed in MEXC, you can become one of the first investors and make a profit.

How to Download MEXC Exchange?

MEXC Exchange has apps for both iOS and Android. If you have an iOS device, click here to download the MEXC Exchange application from the Apple Store. Click here if you have an Android device and are going to download it from Google Play.

Does MEXC Post Announcements?

The MEXC exchange publishes announcements for all transactions. Click here to follow MEXC announcements.

How Do I Get More Market Information About MEXC?

You can check out CoinMarketCap or Coingecko sites to see all market information of MEXC Exchange, such as MEXC volume and ranking.

Can I Transfer Between MEXC and Binance?

You can transfer from MEXC to Binance or any other cryptocurrency exchange. Review our content for the transfer process.

How Can I Find a MEXC Referral Code?

Click here to get 50% discount from all commissions as a member with an invitation code to the MEXC Exchange. The MEXC referral code is the same as the MEXC invitation code, and if you are looking for a referral code, you can click on the same link and use the MEXC Exchange with a reduced commission.

What is MEXC Kickstarter?

MEXC Kickstarter is a kind of airdrop program of MEXC Exchange. Thanks to this program, it is possible to earn free crypto money by staking MX Tokens, the cryptocurrency of the MEXC Exchange.

Too Many MEXC Exchange Complaints?

The MEXC stock market is not a stock market that receives many complaints because it works completely investor and user oriented. Except for legal procedures, there is no party to complain about.

How are the MEXC Exchange Reviews?

MEXC has very good reviews for all users and investors. Especially in terms of the advantages it offers, MEXC Exchange has a serious user and investor base.

Are MEXC Withdrawal Fees Expensive?

MEXC withdrawal fees vary according to the type of cryptocurrency and token you want to withdraw, but MEXC Exchange is one of the most suitable exchanges in terms of transaction and commission fees.

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