To help our users better understand and capitalize on the Grid Trading feature, the platform will statistically display strategies that performed well last week from different dimensions, including “TOP 5 List of Strategies With Highest ROI” and “TOP 5 Volatile Currency Recommendations”. We have also presented grid parameters for new users’ reference to help get them started. Come check it out!

We have specially launched the “Run Grids With 0 Fees” event, where our users can enjoy “An $88 Grid Subsidy + 0 Fees on Spot Trading”.
If you have any questions, please click the link to the right and add our grid support @bingxsmart.

?TOP 5 List of Strategies With Highest ROI


DOGE occupies 2 places among the Top 5 currencies regarding APY. It’s because DOGE fluctuates steadily between 0.08~0.12. If you set a price range according to the interval aforementioned and set the grid number to over 30, you will surely make money!


 ?TOP 5 Volatile Currency Recommendations

FIL was the most volatile crypto in the last week. Higher volatility indicates greater arbitrage potential.

?Grid Parameter Recommendation: Just Do Likewise!

Strategy Analysis:
For your first strategy, it is best to choose BTC and ETH, which both have high market capitalization and good liquidity. The set price range should not be too narrow, and the grid number should not be too large. Instead of pursuing high-frequency arbitrage at the outset, aim for something stable.
Remember, the grid is essentially a position management tool where users are advised to invest small in each trade and exercise such operations for multiple times. It’s unwise to cancel the grid order before it has fully run.

? Join and Win!

Ever feel sick of monitoring the market? Or upset at chasing the market, buying high and selling low?
It’s time for Grid Trading as the market swings!

? Reward 1: An $88 Subsidy for Your First Grid Trading Order

⏰ Deadline: 2022-12-25 24:00 (UTC+8)
✅ Event Eligibility:
1. Sign up for the event on the event page.
2. Only new Grid Trading investors are eligible, i. e., users who have never conducted any type of Grid trading (including Spot Grid, Spot Infinity Grid and Futures Grid) before.
? Subsidy Details:
1. After signing up for the event, if your first Grid Trading (Spot Grid, Spot Infinity Grid and Futures Grid) order incurs a loss during the event period, it will be subsidized up to a maximum of $88.
2. Said grid order should be held for no more than 7 days. Orders not closed within 7 days are not eligible for subsidy.
3. This event is limited to autonomous Grid Trading only. Spot Grid Copy Trading falls outside the remit of this event.
4. Subsidies for eligible users will be issued within 5 working days after the event has concluded.

? Reward 2: 0 Fees on Spot Grid & Spot Infinity Grid Trading

BingX Spot has introduced 0 trading fees on “all spot trading pairs”, which is also applicable to Spot Grid and Spot Infinity Grid.
That is to say, you can run grid strategies of various cryptos with Spot Grid and Spot Infinity Grid at 0 fees and generate bigger profits!
*Futures Grid doesn’t enjoy 0 fees as the orders are executed in the Futures market. The good news is that Futures Grid supports leverage of up to 20X, which allows you to amplify your margin and yields!
1. BingX will verify each user’s eligibility, disqualify anyone involved in unfair activities such as wash trades, price manipulation, multiple accounts, and self-dealings from the trading fee exemption, and retrieve the exempted trading fees.
2. BingX reserves the right to the final interpretation of the event. Users involved in unfair activities to get subsidies will be disqualified.
3. The rules for the 0 fees on Spot Grid and Spot Infinity Grid are the same as those for Spot trading.The trading fees will be returned to the Fund Account of eligible users monthly (trading fees of the current month will be credited next month). For more information please check the announcement