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Airdrop/Whitelist Complete Guide

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We go through some of the DeFi projects that have not yet launched their tokens. These projects are often the prime candidates for airdrops.

We start with DEX Aggregators. Usually making an swap is sufficient for airdrop eligibility. No guarantee of airdrops from any of these projects as usual.


Their recent tweet seem to suggest they will be launching a token in the near future.

Simply make your swap at either Ethereum/Polygon/BSC/Avalanche. Avoid Ethereum for a lower gas fee on other chains.


One of the largest DEX aggregators. They have not given any hints of a imminent token launch yet. They are on Ethereum/Polygon/BSC/Avalanche. Cost to make a swap is low.


This one is only on Polygon with very nice charts. No hints of token launch yet similar to Matcha.

XY Finance

XY Finance is a cross-chain DEX aggregator similar to Anyswap. Detailed tokenomics but no timetable for token launch yet.

They are also launching their NFTs as well that will have special functions in XY Finance. Join their discord if you are interested.

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